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Raquel Rivera, author

I’m a writer, artist, performer and the author of books for children and young adults. Since 1999 I’ve been based in Montreal, Canada. Prior to this I practiced my profession in Washington DC, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Barcelona and Toronto.

My travel experiences and my own family background have led me to write on themes such as opposing viewpoints, cultures in conflict and cooperation. I read history and biographies for perspective on the challenges facing our world today. I guess I’m seeking ancestral wisdom to help me mediate the wonders and horrors of our species.

With more than 20 years of professional writing experience in literary and commercial genres, working in different cultures around the world, I take great pleasure in sharing knowledge with emerging writers, and working with children, youth and adults in creative collaborations of all kinds. For these collaborations, I also draw on my background in visual art and visual literacy, as well as my practice in movement, rhythm and performance.

I’m proud to be a member of Quebec Writers’ Federation (qwf.org), CANSCAIP (canscaip.org), Writers’ Union of Canada (writersunion.ca), and Canadian Children’s Books Centre (bookcentre.ca). These organizations do great work for writers and anyone who cares about reading and literature.

Raquel is available for consultation, school visits, talks, and seminars for people of all ages. Funding support may be available through the Writers’ Union of Canada, the Quebec Writers’ Federation, and Quebec’s Culture in the Schools Program.

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